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Equipping Pastors In Cambodia

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Our purpose is to Equip Pastors In Cambodia. That is where the name EPIC comes from. When we asked what the pastors and church leaders needed, the overwhelming response was “training.” We would then ask “what kind of training” and they would answer “any kind of training is good.”

Please click on the “Follow Jesus Traininglink and you can see the training we have been doing and learn about the author of this training, Dr. Dan Lancaster. It is effective and reproducible. This enables the leaders to return to their villages and re-teach to others what they have learned (2 Timothy 2:2).

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Our Hope English School in Cambodia

A couple from Golden Acres Baptist Church has moved to Cambodia with a vision of starting a school to teach English and to share the word of God and the Love of Christ with the Khmer Krom.  Follow them on their blog.