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Golden Acres Baptist Church is known in El Salvador for it’s generosity and mission focus.  We are called “The church from Texas that comes to help us.”  In our ministry to the people of El Salvador, our church has made 8 mission trips in the past seven years.  Each project is coordinated in partnership with Operation Blessing International.  Our mission is to further the gospel of Jesus Christ through the opportunities available through construction.
Our partner’s Operation Blessing International, is based in Virginia and has an established presence in El Salvador.  Golden Acres Baptist Church is their only partner in a construction/building ministry to bring the church to the people in the interior of the country. 
In the past seven years, Golden Acres Mission Teams have provided the following:
Built 9 homes, renovated a church structure, build an outdoor kitchen that started two community children’s feeding programs, provide school furniture, bunk beds and food supplies to local orphanage, provided children’s books to a library just to name a few.
Each year our teams consist of 18-20 people.  New team members are encouraged to go next year.  It’s awe-inspiring how God works our His purposes.  He has opened many doors and opportunities in El Salvador through our relationships, making new acquaintances, and even government officials.  Experience missions abroad with us. 
Come join us, and be on mission for Jesus Christ!


Our purpose is to Equip Pastors In Cambodia. That is where the name EPIC comes from. When we asked what the pastors and church leaders needed, the overwhelming response was “training.” We would then ask “what kind of training” and they would answer “any kind of training is good.”

Please click on the “Follow Jesus Traininglink and you can see the training we have been doing and learn about the author of this training, Dr. Dan Lancaster. It is effective and reproducible. This enables the leaders to return to their villages and re-teach to others what they have learned (2 Timothy 2:2).

For more information about EPIC Missions please visit the